About Paynich

¿Quién es mi profesora?  
Impressive carretas pintadas in Costa Rica:

Penny and Adler enjoying a nap:

My name is Kaitie Paynich and this is my 7th year teaching at my alma mater, Portage Northern!  I graduated from Western Michigan University in 2010 with my BA in Spanish, History, and Education.  Recently, I have returned to WMU to pursue my Master's Degree in Latin American culture and literature.  

Throughout the years, I've had some amazing opportunities to travel abroad.  I lived in both Spain and Mexico for 6 months and I have visited many other countries: Peru, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, the United Kingdom, Germany and the airport in Italy!  I am currently planning  a trip to Spain with my colleague Heather Canenguez and a group of 34 amazing PN students and I couldn't be more excited!

In my free time, I most enjoy cooking, riding my bike and playing with my two kittens, Adler and Penny.  

Thanks for stopping by my Google Site.  Don't forget to check out your class page for extra resources to be successful in my classes.